Here is what happens year round on our farm for our Corn


The spring means it is time to spread the manure, till the fields, and plant the seed. We raise a variety of high breads both yellow and white. After the tilling, the corn is then planted. Since we fresh pick our corn we usually stager the plantings over a period of weeks so we may have fresh corn for customers for a month or two.


The corn grows tall and begins to self pollinate. It can get a bit dusty when you play hide and seek! We really do not do any marketing to sell our corn. The corn has such a reputation that a simple sign out at the end of the road is all we need. Field manager Bob picks the corn fresh every day. He does not sell corn older than 24 hours of age. The corn will be read at the end of August this year.


Corn stalks are chopped and fed to the cows to make that great manure for the corn the next year.