Our Secret Sauce

BBQ_SauceThis might be the most dreaded sentence in the Pacific Northwest… Summer is almost over!

Sadly it is true, summer time is coming to an end, but if you hurry you still have time for a few more BBQ’s with good weather. And you can’t have a BBQ without really good BBQ Sauce. At Ashley Creek we have perfected BBQ Sauce…Yes – Perfected it! When we did our extensive market research (people coming out of the corner store) to try and get the best barbeque flavor we could. People asked for a strong garlic flavor, something with a strong garlic finish, garlicky, more garlic than a typical sauce, and “Could you take a good barbecue sauce and add garlic to it?”

First we figured out the ingredients for the typical customer and made one complete barbeques sauce. Then we crunched the numbers and responses form our Ashley Creek farm customers and figured out that we should add tons of garlic. What did this evaluation, surveying, and number crunching research give us? A very flavorful, big, bold, tangy, strong, intense, garlicky taste that keeps you coming back for more. So good in fact it is an award winning sauce particularly since we gave out the award. It was a big award, trust us! Visit our online store to buy this and other great products.