Garlic_Chili_DippingSauce Garlic Chili Dipping Sauce & Marinade
The Garlic Chili Dipping Sauce is our newest product and the flavor is outstanding! Please don’t let the name “Chili” scare you. It have a bit of a kick but is not too hot.

Suggested Uses
• Dipping Sauce • Stir-Fry • Sautéing Vegetables • Dipping Bread • Pizza Crust (before baking) • Bread (before baking) • Baked & Mashed Potatoes • Basting & Marinating Beef • Basting & Marinating Pork

The combo of flavors from the garlic chili and the secret seasoning make this dipping sauce an amazing marinade. Just add a bit of cooking vinegar to the dipping sauce and let the beef marinade over night. BAM!!! That grilled steak is going to be juicy, tender, and garlicky with just the right amount of POW!

$6.95 – 8.5 oz.

Garlic_Parmasean_DippingSauce Garlic Parmesan Dipping Sauce & Marinade
Garlic Parmesan Dipping Sauce is our second most popular product. It is an olive oil based and the combination of flavors from the garlic and Parmesan make this dipping sauce amazing.

Suggested Uses
• Stir-Fry • Sautéing Vegetables • Dipping Bread • Pizza Crust (before baking) • Bread (before baking) • Baked & Mashed Potatoes • Basting & Marinating Chicken • Basting & Marinating Fish

$6.95 – 8.5 oz.

Mediterranean-Garlic_DippingSauce Mediterranean Garlic & Sun Dried Tomato-Basil Dipping Sauce & Marinade
The Mediterranean Garlic, Sun Dried Tomato-Basil Marinade and Dipping Sauce. What a mouthful! It is a terrific product, no matter how lengthy the name is.

Suggested Uses
Stir-Fry • Sautéd Vegetables • Dipping Bread • Pizza Crust (before baking) • Bread (before baking). Try using in any recipe that calls for olive oil.

$6.95 – 8.5 oz.

StuffedOlives_DippingSauce Chardonnay Garlic Stuffed Olives
The garlic stuffed olives are one of our best selling products. We use a certain varietal type of garlic for the stuffing. The olives come from California.

$6.95 – 10 oz.

StuffedGarlic Pickled Garlic
Pickled garlic. You’ve heard of pickled beets, pickled beans, pickled asparagus, and plain old pickles. It’s the same idea, but someone put garlic in the pickling brine. Lots of people like to eat it straight out of the jar, while others like to cook with it. If you like pickles and you like garlic, chances are pretty good that you will like Ashley Creek Farm Pickled Garlic. You can have mild or hot.

$4.95 – MILD 9 oz.

$4.95 – HOT 9 oz.

Salsa Salsas
We always had great tasting salsa, however, we would get comments saying your salsa has a good garlic flavor but why don’t you make it with a great garlic flavor. So, we more than doubled the amount of garlic. Then we made the blend of flavors work with the increase percentage of garlic for a final thick, hearty, rich, garlicky salsa. We have two flavors, Mild and Extra Hot.

$4.95 – MILD 16 oz.

$4.95 – EXTRA HOT 16 oz.

BBQ_SauceBBQ Sauce
The barbeque sauce. When we did our extensive market research (people coming out of the corner store) to try and get the best barbeque flavor we could. People asked for a strong garlic flavor, something with a strong garlic finish, garlicky, more garlic than a typical sauce, and “Could you take a good barbeque sauce and add garlic to it?”

First we figured out the ingredients for the typical customer and made one complete barbeques sauce. Then we crunched the numbers and responses form our Ashley Creek farm customers and figured out that we should add tons of garlic. What did this evaluation, surveying, and number crunching research give us? A very flavorful, big, bold, tangy, strong, intense, garlicky taste that keeps you coming back for more. So good in fact it is an award winning sauce particularly since we gave out the award. It was a big award, trust us!

$4.95 –  12 oz.

Basting_SauceBasting Sauces
There are two flavors, garlic and garlic jalapeño. I think the name jalapeño scares people, they fear the heat, but it really isn’t that hot. The basting sauce is a lot like a barbecue sauce, but with so much more POW! and versatility. It is macho (like a BBQ sauce), but sophisticated and intelligent like a gourmet sauce. Anyone can work barbecue magic with this basting sauce!

Suggested Uses
Salmon • Chicken • Hamburgers • Baste Over Meats Before Grilling

$4.95 – GARLIC BASTING SAUCE – 12 oz.


MustardsMustard Sauces
The Smoky Garlic and Onion Mustard are the BOMB! This is our most popular product. The combination of that smoked garlic and onion flavor is amazing!

Smoked Garlic & Onion Mustard Suggested Uses
Flavoring Pork • Hotdogs • Chicken • Sandwiches • Potato Salad (try using this mustard instead)

The Garlic and Dill Mustard is an alternative to that bold-hot, or strong taste that mustard can have. If you like garlic and dill with just a bit of a tang, this mustard is the answer.

Garlic and Dill Mustard Suggested Uses
Salmon • Cod • Halibut • Scallops • Crab

$2.49 – GARLIC & ONION MUSTARD – 4 oz.

$2.49 – GARLIC & DILL SAUCE – 4 oz.