Our Story


Ashley Creek Farm

A long time ago, 1962 to be specific, a young veterinarian and father of 4 was driving down a country road back to his practice after just completing a large animal call. As he was driving along he came across a sign on the side of the road that was spray painted. The sign said “farm for sale”. The young veterinarian, let us just call him Bob, turned down the driveway to investigate. Keep in mind that Bob was currently renting a place, just started his practice and was looking for a place to raise his kids. Since he was raised on a farm himself, he believed the farm setting was the perfect place for he and his wife to raise their kids. How he was going to purchase the property with his new practice and 4 kids was a question he had pondered for some time. At the end of the quarter mile long drive way was an old farm house at the top of a small hill. He went in and greeted an older couple that had made their lively hood on the property raising fish, specifically rainbow trout. The place was a bit ragged at the time but it was definitely a diamond in the rough. The older couple was willing to carry the contract with $2000 down at 6%. The price was very reasonable. The older couple was just looking for a steady monthly income. Bob saw this as an opportunity. Bob told the older couple that he was very interested and would get back to them right away. That night he went home to tell his wife, let us call her Dolores, the exciting news. Bob was disappointed when he found out she was not excited at all. With the kids and the practice, the acquisition of the farm would bankrupt them for life, at least that is what Dolores thought. Well that did not stop Bob. He ended up going to his In-laws and borrowing the down payment. This was the start of Ashley Creek Farm.

Over The Years

Over the years the family cleaned, repaired and built to make Ashley Creek Farm what it is today, a small oasis secretly hidden just outside of town. As the kids grew older, Bob plowed ground for them to raise pumpkins and corn to sell at a road side stand. As time went on more ground was plowed up and planted. One year, one of the kids decided to raise garlic. He had bought the seed garlic and planted it in the fall. Dolores, the mother, was very clear that garlic could not be raised in the area and his purchase was a waste. With having said that, spite was germinated, and garlic entered into Ashley Creek Farm. Ashley Creek Farm is located of the Little Rock Road, just south of Olympia Washington. Ashley creek starts right on the farm due to the fact that there are 3 natural artesian wells that pump all year round. Many Years ago it was a fish farm. With 3 natural artesian wells there was plenty of resource to raise the fish. Now there is plenty of water to raise pumpkins squash, corn and garlic. Wild Coho salmon spawn in Ashley Creek every year. Ducklings and goslings hatch near the ponds in the springtime, and the deer wander (unwelcomed) in the yard. Blue herons can be seen flying low at twilight. Coyotes venture close to nibble on cast-off ears of corn in the fall. Nature has a way of sneaking up on you. The wildlife keeps itself busy on the farm, and the humans are no different.

Busy, Busy, Busy

There really is not any down time during the year. Springtime means that it’s time to prep fields for corn, pumpkins and squash. It is also the time to weed the garlic that was planted in the fall. Garlic harvest begins in summer. After curing, the garlic must be must be prepared for the consumers. Weeding continues, but this time it is for the corn and pumpkin fields. The Garlic Fest means that summer is almost over. The first corn is picked, shucked and eaten. Fall brings the pumpkin harvest, as well as garlic planting. Winter is the slowest time for everyone at Ashley Creek Farm. Wildlife hunker down for the long wait until spring and the people huddle around the fire peeking out of the window at the growing garlic. Ashley Creek farm raises a wide variety of garlic, pumpkins, squash, and the best sweet corn. We think the sweet corn is the best because of the artesian well water that come from Ashley Creek Farm.

Come visit us at Ashley Creek Farm and see for yourself how wonderful it is here!