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  • Pumpkins2

    Pumpkin Fest 2016!

    Start of pumpkin fest October 1st through the 31st. What can we say, pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. We can also say squash, squash, and squash! Weather it is for eating, decorating, large or small, the variety and the friendly environment is there to have fun while …

  • Garlic1

    We won’t be at Garlic Fest this year… But don’t despair!

    We won’t be at the 2014 Garlic Fest this year, we are finally taking a vacation after 22 years of not taking a vacation. But the great news is that you can still get your delicious products from our online store, shop now!

  • Valentines 2

    Valentines Is Coming!

    Don’t forget Valentines Day is coming soon! Tell someone “Olive You” with our Chardonnay Garlic Stuffed Olives, get them here

  • Garlic1

    Winter Is Over & Spring Is Coming!

    Well, we made it through winter and spring is coming quickly. See what we are doing to prepare year round with our garlic, pumpkin and corn. We always have something going on, no matter the season. Check out our Garlic Season and see what we …

  • NewWebSite

    The New Website Has Arrived

    We are very proud to announce our newly designed website is complete! This beautiful new site adds a lot of new features we previously didn’t have such as online shopping, a blog, to keep everyone updated on the latest happenings, and an event page for …