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  • Valentines 2

    Valentines Is Coming!

    Don’t forget Valentines Day is coming soon! Tell someone “Olive You” with our Chardonnay Garlic Stuffed Olives, get them here

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    Winter Is Over & Spring Is Coming!

    Well, we made it through winter and spring is coming quickly. See what we are doing to prepare year round with our garlic, pumpkin and corn. We always have something going on, no matter the season. Check out our Garlic Season and see what we …

  • Garlic1

    2013 Garlic Season Is Here!

    It’s that time of year again … it’s Garlic Season! Come join us August 23rd – 25th, 2013 for the Garlic Festival in┬áChehalis, WA. this will be a great event where you can taste, smell and enjoy all the different varieties of garlic from around …